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Hydro Excavation Services

hydro excavating

Enviro Care offers daylighting and hydro-vac excavation services throughout the Intermountain Region.

Our highly trained and skilled personnel use the hydro-blast vacuum truck equipment to clean sanitary and stormwater sewers and to locate buried utilities at great depths using similar equipment.

Hydro excavation uses accurately pressurized water and an air vacuum truck to dig through the earth. It is a worry-free way to inspect your underground for problems or repair your network of pipes.


Our jet rod-vac truck equipment can clean sewer lines up to 102” in diameter in stretches of up to 500 feet between manholes. The same equipment can remove rock and debris up to 8” in diameter from hydro excavation pot-holes or from sewer lines.

More companies and contractors are becoming aware that some of their activities have direct and indirect effects on the environment. Practices such as hydro excavation are a good starting point to change your ways. Among the most obvious benefits of hydro excavation is that there is less removal of materials from the ground. This means that you won’t have to carry out repair measures after excavation. Through this method, you can avoid needless problems, such as floods, explosions, and fires.

To learn more about our processes on excavations, be sure to get in touch with our friendly customer service associates. Let us help you understand how our procedures work, along with their other applications. Contact us today to find the right environmental solution based on your business type and size.

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