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Considering Costs and Benefits of Waste Management Equipment

At Enviro Care, we’re proud to serve as your one-stop specialists for all areas of waste management and transport services. Our industrial waste transportation fleet includes numerous trucks, trailers and other pieces of equipment, with licenses to haul virtually any hazardous waste format out there.

Our experts are also here to assist you in understanding all the costs and benefits associated with any area of waste disposal and transportation, including facilities looking to purchase new waste equipment like trash compactors or balers. While the initial cost of these items will be to acquire them, there are a few more ownership areas you should consider when looking at the bottom line and whether this equipment purchase will end up as a net positive for your business.

Waste Cost and Benefit Areas

The primary area most facilities consider here, and with good reason, is the way a new piece of equipment will impact overall waste management expenses. Will a new compactor, for instance, significantly cut down on the number of trips a hauling company needs to make from your facility to the disposal location? You can break this down and determine precisely how many trips – and therefore how much money – you’ll save.

On the flip side, you have to consider potential future costs when it comes to equipment repairs. Many manufacturers of large-scale waste equipment will offer repair warranties, though these will differ depending on whether you’re renting the equipment or own it outright. In cases where you’re in charge of any needed repairs, you need to factor in any additional cost that comes with equipment downtime and hiring a technician for the repairs.

Equipment Life Expectancy

Another vital area for calculating overall costs and potential profitability of any piece of waste management equipment is understanding how long the equipment is expected to last. Balers, compactors and other similar items have several specific moving parts, and while repairs are always possible for minor issues, there comes a point where some of these parts may wear down to extreme levels.

If you’re renting equipment, ask about situations where you can switch out certain pieces based on changing waste needs. If you have this flexibility, it can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Site Prep and Installation

Finally, you have to consider the costs that will come with site preparation and installation for any new equipment. These pieces require electrical power and several other significant bits of planning, including consulting with either in-house or equipment dealer engineers so everything is set up professionally and without any safety hazards. Ensure installation is planned well in advance and you understand the costs it will incur.

For more on assessing the full range of costs and cost benefits associated with waste management equipment, or to learn about any of our hazardous waste collection or disposal services, speak to the staff at Enviro Care today.