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Utah environmental servicesOur environmental services in Utah are suited to public and private business sectors. We are best known in the Intermountain West for having a 24-hour Hazmat Emergency Response Division. Local, state, and federal public safety agencies, along with industrial, manufacturing, railroad, petroleum, and chemical businesses choose us because of our tailored approach to doing business. We have become a leading name in the environmental services industry in Utah because of our streamlined and reliable customer service.

We offer a complete line of environmental services, which includes remediation services, waste management services, transportation services, mining services, hydro excavation services, and daylighting services. On top of these things, we offer standard and customized services that will assist you in compliance with regulations set by government agencies, such as EPA OSHA, and DOT.

Utah’s leading environmental remediation company

Enviro Care, Inc. is not just committed to helping your business, but also to preserving the environment. Contact our customer service department if you have any queries in mind. Browse our other pages to learn more about the solutions that may suit your business.

Enviro Care, Inc.’s foundation is based on the principles that an imminent threat to public safety and the environment shall be properly remediated for the protection of present and future generations.

But the responsibility for protecting the environment doesn’t solely rest on the government. Public and private entities of any size and scale can also make a choice to “go green” and ensure a safe and sustainable future for all. Proper waste management disposal is a good place to start.

With Enviro Care’s complete line of environmental cleanup and hazmat-related services, this process has become easier for organizations across industries. Read on to know more about how our services can help your business and the environment.

Enviro Care, Inc is formulated with key employees that bring a minimum of 25 years each in the chemical and petroleum emergency response industry; government and/or Superfund remediation projects; hazardous waste handling and disposal; explosives and shock sensitive chemical disposal; or hazardous waste transportation and solid waste recycling. We currently maintain contracts with government entities and Fortune 500 Companies, plus specialize in assisting small businesses with their waste management needs.

Our approach to business gives you every assurance that your requirements are delivered on time. If you have some concerns or you just want to learn more about what we do, keep in touch with our customer service department. Browse our other pages to find the solutions that fit your business and its particular industry.