How a Commercial Compactor Complements Waste Removal

Within the modern world of hazardous waste disposal and transportation, saving costs and following environmentally-friendly procedures are two top priorities. When opportunities arise to kill two metaphorical birds with one stone and benefit both these areas at once, project and waste managers generally jump at the chance. At Enviro Care, we’re here to tell you about one item that might help you significantly lower both your carbon footprint and your waste budget in one fell swoop: A commercial compactor. A device that can significantly reduce the amount of waste you deal with in green, sustainable...

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Preventing and Responding to Hazardous Oil Spills

For many within the EH&S field, oil spills are a significant concern that have to be accounted for. Not only should numerous practices be put into play to prevent such hazardous instances, plans should be in place for response and remediation if such an event does occur. At Enviro Care, we provide a variety of hazardous waste collection and transportation services, including emergency response services for water-involved petroleum spills and other potential oil concerns. We have a huge stock of equipment and facilities available, and are qualified to act as Incident Commander for large...

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Themes for Hazardous Waste Disposal Profile Reviews

If you’re the owner or manager of a business that regularly ships waste streams and various hazardous materials out as part of regular operations, it’s important not to get too complacent within this process. It’s always good to establish routines and best practices for hazardous waste collection and disposal, of course, but it’s vital to remember that your needs here may change over time and you need to keep an eye on these developments. At Enviro Care, we’re proud to offer a variety of hazardous waste collection, transportation and disposal services for a variety of potential business needs....

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What Project Insights Can Tell You About Your Company

Previously in this space, we’ve discussed the massive impact of increasing data storage on several areas of waste management and transportation. Where waste disposal in previous generations may have been far less organized, today it can provide all sorts of important data that connects vital sectors of your business and helps you compare yourself to the competition and find internal improvement areas. At Enviro Care, we’re proud to be launching our own program known as Project Insight to help capture this sort of data for all our waste disposal programs. Our data includes a wide variety of...

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Types, Benefits and Factors for Choosing Industrial Balers

Within the world of waste collection, transportation and disposal, compaction is an important area to consider. The ability to turn larger quantities of waste into smaller, more manageable parcels is highly valuable in this field, both for reducing space used and limiting the number of pickups required. At Enviro Care, we’re happy to provide waste management and disposal services using a variety of disposal sites around Utah. One item that’s helpful in terms of recyclables is known as a baler, a machine that uses a ram to compress recyclable materials into much smaller bales. Here’s everything...

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Drivers and Applications of Waste Management Data Points

While some may think of commercial waste streams as nothing more than a trash of various formats, in reality, they represent more than this. While they do include several types of waste, these streams also offer vital data points that can provide you insights in areas ranging from regulatory and operational to sustainability and overall finances. At Enviro Care, we’re proud to offer several areas of assistance when it comes to waste management services, whether you’re looking to keep better records, meet compliance regulations more accurately, understand land disposal restrictions, or a variety...

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Common Treatment Methods for Industrial Waste Materials

At Enviro Care, we’re proud to offer trusted industrial waste disposal and transportation as one of our many environmental services. Trusted by public safety agencies and enterprises throughout Utah, we help customize waste management, disposal and recycling solutions to meet the needs of your specific industrial facility and keep you in compliance with all local regulations. One of the most common questions we get from new or potential clients: What happens to my waste once it’s removed from my facility? Today’s blog will go over several treatment technologies out there that might be utilized...

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Considering Costs and Benefits of Waste Management Equipment

At Enviro Care, we’re proud to serve as your one-stop specialists for all areas of waste management and transport services. Our industrial waste transportation fleet includes numerous trucks, trailers and other pieces of equipment, with licenses to haul virtually any hazardous waste format out there. Our experts are also here to assist you in understanding all the costs and benefits associated with any area of waste disposal and transportation, including facilities looking to purchase new waste equipment like trash compactors or balers. While the initial cost of these items will be to acquire...

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Helping Businesses Pass Waste-Related EPA Inspections

At Enviro Care, we’re proud to be your reliable, go-to outlet when it comes to environmental services and hazardous waste disposal services. We can help with everything from collection and transportation to the cleaning of various tanks and other excavation services, with solutions that public safety agencies are experienced with and know they can trust. In addition to these areas, we can also provide consulting in the realm of waste compliance. One of the primary formats here is an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) inspection, which will ensure that all regulations and health standards...

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